Snuggled in front of the wood stove, I have just come in from shaking the bushes…and the shrubs….and the trees, literally — to get them out from under this immense dump of snow.

Grabbing each branch, as if to give it a rigorous “hand” shake, the action released the slumping branches from the weight of 20 inches of snow. A broad broom was also used to pull lower branches up out of the snow, as well as prod the upper branches, which caused cascades of snow.

In an attempt to shake down the snow from the still higher branches, I played “basketball” with the larger chunks of snow in the driveway, bi-products of the snow plow. Every time a clump landed on just right the right spot on a branch, it caused a mini-avalanche of snow, freeing the branches. It was even more exciting than making a basket, although Paul Pierce and Rondo would most likely disagree!

Once shaken by me, the broom or the snow basketballs, it was as if the trees were awakened from a deep sleep as they slowing and gracefully assumed their B.S. (before storm) positions.

As much as I love reaching out and touching thousands through technology, and as much as I support progress, it is essential to remember to take time to “be” with nature. Nature is awesome. Respect it. Honor it. Make time to experience it. It will amaze you and give to you unexpected gifts and surprises. Why, just today I walked across my pool, instead of around it, to release a cherished weeping cherry tree from the burden of snow. So, Mother Nature enabled me to “walk on water” this winter! I will add that to our long list of memories.